What Kills Cat Fleas

Cats are some of the most individualistic animals you can own. You can let them outside at dawn and they might not want inside until dusk. Although they love their freedom, it is difficult for them to keep free from the fleas that jump on to the furry felines.

Natural Remedies to Kill and Prevent Cat Fleas

For the safety of the cat, it is always best to treat fleas naturally. Cats are very sensitive to flea medicine, so it can be tricky to rid them of the pests. Lucky for you, there are a few natural treatments that get the job done without any harm.

Flea Comb

First thing you want to do is get a fine toothed comb. A regular toothed comb would do the trick, but it is best to use a fine toothed one for optimum performance. Next, you want to bring 3 cups of water to a boil and mix some lemon juice in with the water. (The scent of lemon keeps fleas away.) Finally, you have a couple options you can choose to apply it onto the cat. You can dip the comb into the water, or you can use a spray bottle to spray it onto the cat, then apply the comb to pick away at the fleas.

Soapy Water Death Trap

If your cat suffers from fleas, it is more than likely that your home does as well. After your cat tracks in the fleas, they make themselves at home. With that being known, it is important to stop them from spreading in your house. Just like many bugs, fleas are heavily attracted to light. One of the best ways to kill fleas is by setting a dish full of soapy water directly underneath a light. The pesky fleas will jump right into their demise.

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